Polyethylenterephthalat PET

PET is a thermoplastic polyester featuring a very high strength and hardness as well as a very low coefficient of friction.

These excellent properties make it an ideal substitute for metallic materials in a variety of applications. Like POM, it produces short chips when being machined, enabling cost-efficient processing on CNC machines. The low coefficient of thermal expansion in comparison to other thermoplastic polymers ensures a good dimensional stability, critical when tight tolerances are required.

Key characteristics of PET semi-finished products are:

  • good sliding and wear properties
    • very high strength
    • high stiffness and hardness
    • good dimensional stability
    • low water absorption
    • good machinability
    • good chemical resistance
    • good recyclability
    • not resistant against hot water
      (60 °C, continuous subjection)

Download PDF: Properties of Polyethylene Terephthalate