Tolerances of mechanically processed parts

Mechanically processed parts are – if not indicated otherwise on the drawing or the order – manufactured in accordance with the DIN ISO 2768-1 tolerance class “medium”.

Please state if you require tolerances other than those mentioned above. In most cases we should be able to meet your requirements provided that the tolerances are “plastics-compatible”.

With “plastics-compatible” we refer to a tolerance zone for semi-finished products of at least 0.1 mm, depending on the absolute dimensions, due to a much stronger tendency of plastics to change in dimension under external influences in comparison to metals.

Of course, tighter tolerances can be realized, but this always represents only an “instantaneous image” during production. The characteristic properties of thermoplastic may lead to changes in the dimensions of the finished part after machining, which results in a deviation of the tolerances. 

Therefore, if the dimensions according to a drawing supplied by the customer show a tighter tolerance, we will apply the aforementioned minimum tolerance of 0.1 mm in the desired direction (+ or - or +/-). If this proves to be impossible due to the absolute dimensions, we will have to take exception to this tolerance.